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(Collective) Housing

Tulu round houses (China)

New Tulu houses (China)

Stanislas JASINSKI (1901-1978), Jean-Florian COLLIN (1904-1985)
"Le Tonneau" 1938-40, Bruxelles

Cités logement social (Emile Aillaud)

Avoriaz, Résidence Les Ruches

bâtiment annulaire de Mulhouse (1950)

Mevaplaza, Bornova Izmir, Turkey (2016)

Visionnary projects (70s 80s)


Marina City, Chicago

Bertrand Goldberg 1959-63


The "Romanita" (or "Romashka")

Chisinau (Moldavia)

collective housing tower for small family units

by Oleg Vronsky (1986). 

Matveevsky House-Ring

Moscow, Russia, 1972-80

Architect Eugene Stamo and Alexander Markelov

Nezhinskaya 13, Moscow (1972-1980)

Evgeny Stamo and Alexander Markelov

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