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Harold and Laura KNIGHT
1874-1961            1877-1970

Harold KNIGHT - Girl Writing, 1931

Harold KNIGHT - Girl Reading, 1932

Laura KNIGHT - Early Morning at a Gypsy Camp, 1933-40

Laura KNIGHT - Children on the Beach, ca. 1907

Laura KNIGHT - Susie and the Wash Basin, 1929

Laura KNIGHT - Portrait of a Schoolgirl, s.d.

Harold KNIGHT - The Bride, s.d.

Laura KNIGHT - Joan Rhodes, 1955

Harold KNIGHT - Portrait of Laura Knight (detail), s.d.

Harold KNIGHT - Portrait of the Artist's Wife, s.d.

Laura KNIGHT - Portrait of a Young Girl, s.d.

Harold KNIGHT - Girl Combing Hair, ca. 1931

Laura Johnnson, 1891

Laura KNIGHT' Ethel Bartlett (1896–1978), before 1927

A Balloon Site, Coventry, 1943

In for Repairs, 1942

Allez Oop!, 1954

Elsie on 'Hassan', 1929-30

Circus People, ca. 1928

Circus Matinee, ca. 1938

Harold KNIGHT - Milking the Goat, s.d.

Harold KNIGHT, The Girl and the Letter, 1906

May Day, s.d.

The Young Anglers, ca. 1920s

Allez Oop!, 1954

Laura KNIGHT, A Dark Pool, 1908-18

Laura KNIGHT, The Beach, ca. 1900-09

Dressing, ca. 1929

Harold KNIGHT - Ethel Bartlett, ca. 1937

A Theatre Dressing Room, s.d.

The Golden Girl, s.d.

Sleeping Nude, ca. 1940s

The Bather, ca. 1920s

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